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Training System

Avoid Every New Personal Trainer's Nightmare

Why Everything You've Been Shown Is Keeping You BROKE... And What To Do Instead To Make Over $10,000 per Month!

You’ve finally received your accreditation as a Certified Personal Trainer and now you’re expecting to build a thriving business that’s physically rewarding for your clients and financially rewarding for you…

… But there is a problem, isn’t there?

Where are the high paying clients that are supposed to sign up with you?

You received education on how to help people transform their bodies and their health, but they never told you how to get those clients in the first place.

They never taught you how to create a Real-PT™ business!

Don’t be like so many that have gone before you. Countless PTs have spent months struggling until they finally gave up and quit the industry! All their passion for helping people quickly eroded when they couldn’t afford to pay their bills.

They’d struggle to finally get a few clients… only to end up frustrated when those clients didn’t stick around.

So many new PTs spend most of their time trying to get clients instead of making money by training them.

Have you noticed something similar with your business?

Worse yet, these poor PTs were taught to believe that “Trading Time for Money” is what is going to give them a successful career when at best, they will have a decent “Job”.

They never had a fair chance to succeed! 

To avoid their fate, you need Real-PT™ knowledge!

To be successful in this industry you need to know:

  • How to set up your business in a professional manner

  • The REAL way to 'get the sale' without being salesy

  • How to retain clients & nurture those relationships

  • The 6 types of sessions that make the most money and how to use each to skyrocket your income

  • How to scale your business to make more while doing less

  • It’s time to get this ‘No holds barred’ knowledge for yourself so you can break free of struggle street.

    Now is the time to choose whether you’d rather try to figure it out how to build a business on your own, or if you would rather Super Charge Your Results and hit 6 figures in a year?

    Real PT has changed my life and approach to Personal Training...I decided to seek proper help and invest in the future of my career as a PT.


    Ashly Quinn

    Personal Trainer

    The Real-PT™ Training System

    Take advantage of over 2 decades of industry knowledge, insider secrets & business hacks so you can fast-track your business.

    Duane Wilson and the Real-PT Crew created The Real-PT Training System© to enable Personal Trainers at any level to take their business to the next level!

    Inside The System

    7 Videos instructed by Duane

    4 Playbooks detailing each phase

    Phase 1 - Foundations

    • Learn the #1 thing that will help your business to succeed

    • What you need to avoid so your clients stay loyal to you

    • Understand the true Art of Coaching to produce the best results for your clients. This insider secret can create $1000 days

    • Learn what is the BEST business structure to accelerate your business from $0 to $10,000/month

    • Understand what's required to create workshops and seminars to amplify your income by maximizing your time

    • How to set up your finances with your clients

    Phase 2 - Communications

    • The correct way to perform effective listening so your client feels heard which increases loyalty

    • What is the most important element when engaging with your clients & why failure to apply this will break the back of your business

    • Learn the blueprint for effective networking to create new clients

    • How to execute the client consultation so that 4 out of 5 times they are eager to sign up on the spot

    • Understand what's documents are required to protect you and your client's relationship

    Phase 3 - Cementing Foundations

    • How to build long-term relationships with your clients

    • We reveal what Tactical Deliverables are... and why your clients want them

    • Learn what 'The Reset' is and why it's critical to your long term business

    • Apply the same client hacks we use to create client loyalty & retention

    • The top things you absolutely must avoid if you want to succeed

    Phase 4 - Scaling

    • How to add additional streams of income to your business without trading time for money

    • How to increase the frequency that your clients train with you

    • The top 4 money makers to expand your business

    • Learn what's required to get clients to refer others to you and how you can accelerate referrals

    • How to keep your schedule as full as you want it to be.

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